The Great Escapes brand, born in 1989 at the foot of the Grigne, a place of great mountaineering tradition, has always been a protagonist in the world of sportswear with a complete line of technical garments for all outdoor activities.

The experience derived from its geographical origins, constant research and continuous development, have allowed us to perfect the production of garments, to make the sporting experience comfortable in any environment and in all weather conditions.

In summer or winter, from family walks to the highest peaks, from ski mountaineering to climbing, Great Escapes offers ideal garments for specific use in any environment.

The technical features and the modern design ensure excellent fit, comfort in movement, thermal protection, waterproofness and lightness.




The Great Escapes team works daily to try to make the passion for the outdoors sustainable. For us it is important to find the best way to create clothing that has a high resistance to abrasion - and therefore a high quality - but without sacrificing the sustainable component and the safety of the users and workers involved. This is why our articles are subjected to continuous tests that allow us to obtain a reliable, qualitative and truthful clothing line.


By the end of 2024, our goal is to have 80% of our collection made from recycled fabrics. Many of our new garments are already composed of recycled fibers or fillings, without losing the quality and characteristics that make our garments perfect for all outdoor activities.


Our garments are certified Oeko-tex Standard 100, a single standard of certification and control in the textile raw materials, semi-finished and finished products sector in all processing phases and allows to identify products that do not create any risk for the consumer safety. Thanks to numerous tests on possible harmful substances, the Oeko-tex certification guarantees the exclusion of substances prohibited by law and known to be chemically dangerous for health - even if not yet regulated by law. To obtain the certification it is necessary that all the components of the product meet the required requirements, often much stricter than the national standards in force.


The Bluesign standard offers an independent certification system for the textile industry, considering the entire production process, taking into account the environmental and social impact, reducing production costs and increasing innovation. The standard seeks to increase the quality and added value of products by minimizing the environmental impact, checking that atmospheric emissions are controlled, reducing CO2 emissions and optimizing energy use; it also certifies that the waters coming from the production cycle are not polluted. Bluesign is also a guarantee of safety for the consumer, not only as regards the use of products that are not harmful to health, but also guaranteeing the application of the principles of sustainability; finally, it safeguards the health and safety of the workers involved in the production chain. 

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